So many stars, you’d think we were in the sleeping business. Oh, wait.

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The overall quality is wonderful, the design is adorable and it did not smell of chemicals when we opened it. We cannot get over how comfortable it is!


Hey!!!!! It's absolutely amazing and it's SOOOOOOOO comfortable!!!!!!!!! Like wow!!!!

Kari Ogg

This mattress is awesome. Now I don't have to worry about an accident ruining my expensive mattress.


I can honestly say that this mattress is just as comfortable as our memory foam mattress that cost thousands of dollars. It quite frankly is mind blowing!


I loved the color and how comfortable the bed is. It works perfect in the bed frame we built him and it isn't so firm. He hasn't had an issue yet but I think washing would be a big help. He drools a lot and his diaper leaks sometimes. I like not having to use a plastic cover....


This is such a wonderful product. I feel so good about using it with my potty-training child. I have ruined a mattress before (with a child wetting the bed), and I have peace of mind knowing this won't happen with this mattress.


I can't say enough good things about this product and the amazing customer service this company provides! This mattress is so comfy! It also lives up to its name! It is truly washable! And the customer service has been absolutely top notch! You can tell they really understand...


We got this mattress for our son when we needed the crib mattress for our new baby. He had just started potty training and we still are and this mattress is the best! It is so nice to know we can wash and dry it after an accident and have everything back together by bedtime. We...

Stacy Holst

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