How It Works


Washing and drying.

Your Washabelle can be washed and dried right at home.

Simply unzip and wash the components separately in your washer and dryer as needed. Please do not use bleach. Washing machines WITHOUT agitators please. They are sturdy, and washable, but not indestructible. Wash in cold water then tumble dry on low.

Then they’ll be ready to go right back to bed. And so can you.


The Layers You'll Love:

1: Washable Zip Top Cover

Durable preshrunk polyester ticking quilted with fluffy batting made with Rayon. The top cover is firmly attached to the bottom cover with a heavy duty brass zipper.

2 and 3: Washafoam™ Washable memory foam

These two Washafoam™ comfort layers are identical and interchangeable. Water washes right through them. Better yet, they allow airflow for deep, comfortable sleep. They’re lightweight 1.5-inch thick, open-celled memory foam, protected by a two-way stretch polyester mesh.

WashaFoam’s open cell structure has the gentleness of luxury memory foam—but it’s tough to withstand repeated washing and drying.

4: Washable Zip Out Breathable Waterproof Protector

Under the Washafoam™ layers is a waterproof, breathable barrier fabric that protects the 6” foam base. Just like a sheet, it’s easy to toss in the washer and dryer. Unlike a sheet, it’s made with billions of pores per square inch that are too small for water to pass through—but big enough for air to breeze through. This means that when the bed is wet, WashaTex stops moisture just like high-tech raingear.

5: Foam Base

The bottom supportive layer is six inches of premium quality conventional foam. Protected from being soiled by the zip out breathable waterproof layer, this 6” x 39” x 75” layer is not machine washable and dryable.

6: Washable Zip Bottom Cover

Durable preshrunk polyester ticking quilted with fluffy batting made with Rayon. The bottom cover is firmly attached to the top cover with a heavy duty brass zipper.

Setting up.

Washabelle is made for growing kids, so it’s designed to take your kid right through childhood.

For a toddler, you can plunk it right on the floor.

As your kids get more rambunctious, you can set it on a frame, supported by slats.

And of course, you can place it on a foundation—(where it’ll stay fresh and clean for years) unlike those un-washable mattresses.

And please, take care to wash and re-assemble your mattress layers according to the instructions.