The best thing to happen to sleeping since sleeping.

Washabelle is the super comfy, ultra dreamy memory foam mattress that transforms into a series of machine washable and dryable layers.

Go ahead, drool. You can wash that out, too.

We’ve got one for the pup, too.
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Layers you’ll love to lay on.

Each Washabelle is actually two premium, lightweight washable foam layers, a breathable waterproof zip out liner and a foam base tucked inside a smartly designed mattress cover with a durable brass zipper. The washable foam, liner and cover can be tossed right into the washer and dryer.

You’re covered. Without the cover.

Ordinary mattresses are like government witnesses- they need round-the-clock protection. Most people throw on a hot, plasticky mattress cover. We decided to invent a better way, a cool breathable mattress you can wash as many times as you like.

Plunk it right on the floor.
Lift it up onto a frame with slats.
Place it on a foundation.
101 Night Trial and a 10 Year Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you have questions, we have answers. We love our mattresses, we love talking about them, and we love talking to people like you. We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting—before you get it. You may find your questions answered here.
Can I talk to a real person?

Washabelle customer support team is available 9-5 Monday through Friday Eastern Standard Time. Simply call toll free 1.844.727.9814 and one of us will answer. We do not contract out our customer support. Our team is in house and ready to answer your questions.

How should I wash my Washabelle mattress?

Please wash in COLD water and tumble dry on LOW setting. Do not wash in a machine with an agitator, (agitators are in some top loading washing machines and can damage laundry). And please NEVER USE BLEACH.

How often should I wash my Washabelle mattress?

It’s important to keep your mattress clean. We recommend washing your mattress at least every three months.

Should I protect my Washabelle mattress with a plastic cover?

No, we do not recommend covering your Washabelle with a plastic mattress cover, because they can cause hot and poor sleeping patterns.

How does my new mattress fit into a washer/dryer?

First, it must be a washer without an agitator. The Washabelle mattress has a modular construction with zip out components. Each component fits into a standard washer and dryer. So you can wash them in your own home in about the time it takes to wash and dry your sheets. Each component should be washed separately.

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